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Data visibility allows to improve production and availability of industrial machines/processes/production lines. Obtained from PLCs/HMI/SCADA/DCS, this data is stored and centralized with a Canary Historian solution, allowing users from different operational areas of the company to transform this data into relevant information for operational and production improvements. Through Axiom, reports and operational dashboards are generated ad hoc to the needs of each operational area of the company.

Today, many manufacturing plants or industrial processes are true islands, with manual production data, without historical reports for further analysis and improvement of the operation.

 Canary Historian and Axiom Brochure
Services and consulting in Automation and Industrial Computing
Training in Automation and Industrial Computing

We offer both online and onsite training courses and can integrate ad hoc courses according to client needs.

Industrial Computing

Our services allow the integration of industrial technologies and interfaces, which allow the improvement of control systems and industrial OT networks.

Industrial Cibersecurity Consulting

We develop consultancy services focusing on the current conditions and future scalability of companies in standardizing processes and controlling changes in control system configurations.

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