Grupo Salba

Diploma in Automation and Industrial Computing

Study plan:

  • Standard and wireless instrumentation: Understanding the different methods of measuring variables, industrial valves, field-level communication protocols and the measurement of variables with wireless instruments and converters.
  • PLC control systems: Use and program the different equipment for the control of digital and analog variables, in this module we will work on control logics and applications with PLC equipment.
  • Industrial communications: Understanding and identifying different networking equipment, protocols of different manufacturers, industrial and wireless networks, telemetry, OPC integration and essential concepts to develop integration at higher levels of automation.
  • WEB HMI/Scada system: Develop a web Scada system, the new industrial monitoring software through the web, apply integration with control equipment from different manufacturers and develop a visualization and control project. Apply Level 2 of industrial automation.
  • Industrial Computing: Historization of production and maintenance data, developing a real-time and historical plant information and management system. Applying the integration of industrial computing and automation systems (Level 3), optimizing industrial processes through technology for production and maintenance management.

The present diploma is based on the needs of the industry, with 70% focused on practical applications and 30% on theory related to practice. Taught by instructors with real experience in each module of the study plan. The students will update their knowledge in new automation technologies and be able to apply concepts to optimize industrial processes.

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